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If you are interested in Washington DC Museum Bus Tours there are tour companies that offer a selection of night tours in Washington DC. You will not have to worry about finding your way around after dark in a city that is unfamiliar to you. Night time Museum tours in DC will ensure you will be driven by a friendly guide in comfort and security to view memorials and monuments that are illuminated at night. Your knowledgeable and friendly tour guide will narrate the tour with many interesting facts regarding the history of the nation.

A comfortable charter bus will usually be used for this tour which may take about three hours and cover about sixteen major DC sites. You can stop and take photographs at most sites including the White House, war memorials, Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, which are all lit up at night. You will experience a drive-by of the Washington Monument, the world’s tallest obelisk.

There is also a moonlight trolley tour which is two and a half hours. Visiting sites at night while they are illuminated by moonlight is quite different to viewing them in the daytime. This tour includes ten magnificently illuminated monuments.

You will find that Washington DC after dark is one of the most stunning nightscapes around. Night tours enable you to experience the city in a different light, one you will find great appreciation for.

You can also choose to take an Open Top night tour. You will enjoy an unobstructed view of Washington DC by night from the top of a double-decker bus. You can take beautiful photographs along the night tour route which will take you past the Jefferson Memorial, White House and more. The open bus will allow you spectacular views and clear details as you pass by in the moonlight.

There is just a little too much to see and do in the Washington DC area because it has many points of interest for locals and travelers alike. Visiting all the sights you were unable to get to during the day, on a night tour will make sightseeing a lot easier for you. Most often you find the sites unbelievably busy and overcrowded during the day time, while it is far quieter and convenient at night time.

These moonlight tours are fully narrated, fun and full of entertainment. Fascinating facts about historical characters, Washington DC and the United States are shared with you. You will be able to hop off and take a closer look at many of the illuminated landmarks.

Once you board Museum tours in DC you will be able to take a closer look at the Supreme Court, United States Capitol Building and the Smithsonian Museums. This will be your opportunity to hear all about the touching stories of Vietnam Veterans and World War II Memorials. By taking another look at the Lincoln Memorial you will be able to see the reason for so many being in awe of this structure.

Moonlight Museum tours in DC are ideal for adult groups. They are not best for children as they are not always able to stay awake and usually miss half the tour. Adults who are busy during the daylight hours find these tours very convenient. These individuals have the opportunity to view landmarks they were unable to view during the day.

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